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A family who cares for the beautiful hands of Chikankari.

The Story

Sarausi Lifestyle is the result of the passion and vision of Varsha Prasad and Mukesh Kumar, who founded the company in 2019. Both graduates of the prestigious National Institute of Design (NID), were drawn to the beauty and elegance of Chikankari embroidery and were determined to create a brand that would showcase this traditional craft to the world.

Starting in the small village of Sarausi, located around 60 km from Lucknow, guided by a deep respect for the rich cultural heritage of Chikankari embroidery and driven by an unrelenting passion for the craft, they embarked on a journey to create a brand that would showcase the timeless beauty and elegance of this art form to the world.

Today, Sarausi Lifestyle has expanded to work with artisans in many villages around Lucknow, while staying true to their commitment to producing high-quality Chikankari garments. They strive to incorporate old, intricate design blocks for embroidery while experimenting with different stitches to create unique and beautiful pieces.

Their goal is to not only preserve the rich cultural heritage of Chikankari embroidery but also to bring it to a wider audience and help support the livelihoods of the talented artisans who keep this tradition alive. With Sarausi Lifestyle, you can own a piece of history that has been reimagined for the modern world.

Varsha Prasad Founder Sarausi Lifestyle
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Proccess detailing of sustainable chikankari kurti


Ethically made

Sarausi’s garments are cotton, handwoven, handcrafted, organic colored, contemporary in silhouette, and affordable.

Our organisation avoids using any process which has a negative impact on nature. From raw material sourcing to manufacturing and packaging, everything is done in an eco-friendly way. People involved in making this exquisite work are farmers, weavers, dyers, wooden block makers, and Chikankari artisans, without them we cannot achieve this uniqueness.

Chikankari artwork

Our craft

Carefully crafted for people that care

Chikankari is one of the most delicate traditional embroideries, which is done in the historical city of Lucknow. This beautiful Chikankari work is a combination of 32 stitches which includes bakhiya, panda, muri, pechni, bijli, grass-Patti, dhaniya-Patti, and more. The richness of bel and buta comes alive with the effort of the Artisans.

chikankari craft proccess
Organic natural colour khaadi fabrics

Our fabric

Sustainably grown fibres

Organic cotton is grown using methods and materials that have a low impact on our environment. Our fabric is soft, breathable and skin-friendly, the process involved in it is hand-spun, hand-woven and dyed with natural colours.

Handloom weaving is an intricate process that needs a lot of effort to make soft and thin fabric for garment industries.

chikankari motif
chikankari pink motif
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